• Tree in Metric Calculation Builder in 2.12

    In the past, we only listed metrics when building equations, but that doesn't work well when there are many similar metrics in the same scorecard. The software now lists everything in a tree with non-metrics in a light gray color.

  • There is now a label on top of history records explicitly stating the range of events being shown in history. There is also now a “Show all events” link.

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  • Remapping Dashbaord Report Filters in 2.12

    Version 2.12 adds the ability to manually swap out scorecard object filters in reports that are embedded in dashboards. This example dashboard shows three colored scorecard object bubbles and a report showing all of the red metrics under the “Financial” scorecard object.

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  • Instant Alerts in Popups in 2.12

    Version 2.12 now allows you to send instant alerts that appears to users immediately as a modal dialog rather than showing up in their alert inbox. In this example we are sending an alert about system downtime to everyone who is logged in.

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  • Usability Enhancements in 2.11

    A major focus of version 2.11 was making the software easier to use. Some of the many smaller enhancements are:

    Stay tuned for later this week when we start looking into the great new things in version 2.12!

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