Not upgraing to Internet Explorer 7? Why not?!?!

Whenever I hear about a government agency indefinitely postponing their upgrade to IE7, I cringe. We web developers plan on supporting IE6 for at least the foreseeable future, but any setback that delays the natural browser upgrade progress always stings a little. Yes, under the hood IE6 can do most of the stuff that IE7 can, but it does it badly and incompletely.

I listened to Chris Wilson's talk (he's IE's program manager) at the Ajax Experience conference in Boston and he brought up a really good point. IE6 was a great browser when it was released in 2001. Since then the web has changed dramatically. Things are being done with DOM and JavaScript now that just weren't on our radars six years ago.

Because of that, IE6 is seriously crippled for modern web apps. Aside from its incomplete support for CSS, IE6's main problem is the execution time and garbage collection in its JavaScript engine. Recent tests show just how dismal the performance is.

I guess this will just be another challenge that we'll have to work around, but it sure would be nice to hear that larger companies and government organizations are actively planning a browser upgrade.