New Changes to Organization and Date Selectors

We're constantly refining the user interface of our Corporate Management Suite software based on feedback from our customers, but the changes in version 1.5 are particularly noteworthy. The first ones I'm going to focus on are the Organization and Calendar Period selectors.

Traditionally, the date selector has been in the upper right hand corner (red arrow). It displays the current period, and when you mouse over it, the calendar period selector slides up. The problem with it being placed in the upper right hand corner is that that's the last place where people look and it's easy to lose track of what the date is for the data you're viewing. Another problem is that by just mousing around the screen you can inadvertently trigger the calendar period selector.

In CMS 1.5, we've moved the calendar period display to the upper left hand corner. Joining it is the organization display (purple arrow) that has always felt out of place in its old spot under the tabs. Both are now changed by clicking on "change" links rather than via mouse-overs.

We think that these changes will make the Corporate Management Suite even more intuitive and easy to use, and we think you will too. Stay tuned for more updates about the new functionality in 1.5.