New Support for Smaller Browser Resolutions

A couple days ago I talked about how we made Corporate Management Suite 1.5 easier to use by moving the Organization and Date selectors to the upper left hand corner. It was a great start, but we didn't stop there.

An annoyance with the software that we've known about for a while is that while everything looked good at normal browser resolutions, things got a little squished when viewed on older computers that run at 800x600. As you can see in the 1.4 screenshot above, the tabs fill up the whole top of the screen, and the date selector overlaps two of the tabs, making them unclickable.

Well no longer! To combat the small browser phenomenon we now check the browser's width and adjust the tabs accordingly. If there is no room to display all of the tabs we now replace the unused tabs with a single "Change Tabs" button (green arrow). When clicked, a menu drops down, allowing you to to select from the tabs that aren't displayed.

We know that this feature won't be used by many of our users, but we think it will certainly be appreciated by those who do need it!