New Dojo Tree Functionality

Dojo has just accepted code from Spider Strategies into the toolkit that allows dragging and dropping hierarchical data in a tree format "between" places in the structure!

Dojo drag and drop between

Like the folder tree we're all familiar with, we get accustomed to dragging and dropping things from one place to another. Many of these structures, like file folders, don't care about the order of the contents. They can sort by things like size or name, but don't store the order of data.

For more complex data structures, like those in CMS, the order of the data is an important part of the information. Thanks to the code we sent to Dojo, data in a tree can easily be moved from anywhere to anywhere. Previously, you could only drag and drop things into a location. Now it is possible to position things before or after other items, allowing users to intuitively manage their data.