CMS 2.1 beta release

We are pleased to announce the availability of CMS 2.1 beta! As you can see in our blog posts over the past few weeks, CMS 2.1 graphics boast quite a bit more polish than CMS 2.0 graphics. The most exciting thing, though is the new Dashboards module.

Dashboards work just like standard presentation software. They allow you to create resizable objects called WOBs™ that are:

  • Text

  • Pictures

  • Scorecard Nodes with configuration options for what they display

  • Speedometers

  • Charts

  • Graphs

  • and all of that on top of a background image if needed.

WOBs™ are a wonderful, fluid, configurable AND exportable set of objects that offer our customers a major method for creating powerful information displays that can be bound in Briefing Books, set as the login page, exported to MS Office apps as well as embedded instantly into emails sent from the app!

But that is just the beginning. Next we will add the ability to drop in Gannt charts, initiative descriptions, task descriptions and milestone descriptions. Finally in 2.2, you will be able to add a resizeable, positionable object from virtually ANY screen in the app, with pictures and text as needed and an incredible array of guages, graphs and charts.

CMS "Dashboards" are much, much more than the word implies. Sign up for a free trial of CMS today and find out Why WOBs™ are Wonderful!!!