New Alerts in 2.5

There is a brand new section in the software called My Alerts. Users can choose to be notified when a wide variety of things happen in the software. Regardless of what section of the application a user is viewing, there is a display at the top of the screen showing how many unread alerts there are for that user. Clicking on this display area takes the user directly into the Alerts section.

Users can choose to be notified when a metric value falls below a specified value, when a score reaches a particular limit, or when a comment is added to a scorecard object. Administrators can even send instant alerts, letting users or groups know about important events.

For people who don't want to have to log into the software to see if they have alerts, the software can automatically email users when something triggers an alert. Users can also choose to group multiple alerts into a single email to avoid too many alert emails.

Check back every week for information about more enhancements. If you’re interested in being a beta tester, be sure to let us know!