New Bulk Edits in 2.7

Another thing that's brand new in version 2.7 is the bulk edit functionality, which lets you edit multiple scorecard objects at once. If you need to edit a lot of scorecard structure, this can save you a ridiculous amount of work.

To edit multiple objects at once, just create a report that displays multiple scorecard objects. Then click the "Edit Scorecard Objects" button.

You can then select which specific objects you want to edit, or you can click the "check all" link. Then click the "Edit Selected Scorecard Objects" button.

This brings up a dialog where you can change just about anything with the selected scorecard objects including the name, description, owners and updaters, metric calendar, aggregation type, etc.

We think this is really going to save our customers a ton of time. It's all in version 2.7, which is hitting beta soon, so let us know if you want to be a tester!