Period "to date" Equations in 2.8

In version 2.8 there's a new equation you can use for calculated metrics called “Period to Date.” You can use this to create metrics with values based on rolling sums of other metrics’ values or thresholds. For example:

would result in a quarter-to-date sum for metric 123's actual value.

would result in a year-to-date sum for metric 123's Goal.

Equations like this are a lot easier to understand with an example. Let's say you have metric #1570 that is updated every month:

If you created a calculated metric using the equation TD(Quarterly,1570), it would have values that look like this:

And, a calculated metric with the equation TD(Yearly,1570), would look like this:

If you're interested in beta testing version 2.8, be sure to let us know!