Dashboard Templates in 2.10

Version 2.10 also now has dashboard templates. These are very similar to scorecard templates and allow for easy maintenance of multiple similar dashboards.

This example dashboard belongs to the “Franklin Laboratory” organization. Both dashboards objects are for scorecard objects in the same Franklin Laboratory organization.

To create a template dashboard, start by copying the existing dashboard.

Then paste the dashboard into another organization.

In this example, we’re pasting the dashboard into the same organization that we set up with a scorecard template earlier.

As with scorecard templates, you can choose to paste an independent copy, or link as a template.

After linking as a template, you can optionally choose to append a phrase to the dashboard name.

This is the newly created dashboard.

Just like previous dashboard copy/paste functionality, if the source and destination scorecard structures are similar, the software will automatically remap the scorecard objects represented on the dashboard. This is especially powerful when dashboard and scorecard templates are used together.