Edit Permissions Directly in Group Administration in 2.11

One of the biggest changes in 2.11 is the new way to assign view organization permissions for groups.

This is how groups were edited in previous versions of the software. There is a collapsible “Advanced Permissions” box where action permissions are assigned by checking the various boxes.

This is the View Organizations Permissions screen that is used in previous versions of the software. Administrators first choose a group, and then put a checkbox next to the organizations that group can view.

In version 2.11, the Edit Group form is much easier to use. Instead of a collapsible “Advanced Permissions” box for every group, there are now two buttons.

Clicking the first button shows the advanced permissions in a dialog box. This frees up quite a bit of space on the edit group form.

Clicking the second button shows View Organization permissions for that group. Instead of listing every organization, the form now only shows the organizations the group has permission to view. This is quite a bit faster to use, and it brings all permissions editing into the same area of the software.

To add a new organization, just click on its name on the right.