Miscellaneous Enhancements in 2.14

To round out our coverage of version 2.14 we have several miscellaneous enhancements that make using the software slightly easier.

Maintaining Organization Tree Position There were various times when the organization tree would scroll to the top, like when another user edited an organization object, or when hiding and showing the organization tree. The software now remembers your organization tree scroll position, which makes it easier to fine your previous position.

Instant Alerts Also Sent to Creator In the past, if a user sent a broadcast alert to groups that included themselves, it would not send that alert to the alert creator. This was sometimes confusing because they expected to see the alert they created. The software now sends alerts to the user who created the alert.

Score Calculation Improvements In the latest release of the software, we have performance tuned the score calculation process for very large amounts of data. This will make the score calculation process much faster.