New Metric Comparison Report in 2.16

The latest version of the software has a brand new version of the metric comparison report. As before, you can compare similar metrics across organizations. With the new version of the report you can also choose which metrics you would like to compare.

To start building a metric comparison report, select “Metric Comparison” from the new report menu.

The next step is to choose which organizations you want by selecting them from the organization tree on the left.

By default, only the organizations you click on will be shown in the report, but you can also choose the following options for an organization you select:

  • This organization
  • Only children
  • Only Descendants
  • This organization and its children
  • This organization and its descendants.

Descendants mean any organization under the selected organization. Children mean only the organizations one level below the selected organization.

The second step is to choose which metrics you want to see in the report. You can either choose metrics individually, or you can choose a scorecard object higher up the tree and automatically include all metrics underneath it.

The sub-metrics checkbox allows you to also include metrics underneath other metrics.

The last step is to choose report options. You need to choose which calendar period to show the results for, and there are also several checkboxes on the bottom. These allow you to show the calendar column, the goal column, and to invert the axes.

By default the metric comparison report lists the metrics vertically and the organizations horizontally.

If “invert axes” were chosen earlier, it would list the organizations vertically and the metrics horizontally.