Scorecard Item Swap on Dashboards in 3.1

Scorecard items can now be swapped on dashboards in version 3.1. This allows dashboard layouts to stay the same, but the scorecard items behind the dashboard widgets to be swapped out. This is useful when copying and pasting a dashboard from one organization to another, or when adjusting dashboards after a scorecard has been edited.

To start the swap process, click on the swap button on the dashboard as shown in Figure 10.

This brings up the list of all scorecard items represented on the dashboard. This could be any widget - including bubbles, charts, gauges, etc.

Once you choose a scorecard item to replace, you then choose which scorecard item to replace it with. Here we’ve chosen to replace “Product Revenue” with “Calls Handled.”

This is the dashboard after the scorecard item swap. Notice how the bubble now says “Calls Handled.”