Announcing Scoreboard and QuickScore 3.2!

QuickScore and Scoreboard 3.2 are available today, and they're our biggest releases in 15 years of business. We’ve added over 100 large enhancements, most of which were popular customer requests. Needless to say, we’re incredibly proud of this software.

To help you discover everything 3.2 has to offer, we have free Scoreboard training videos and QuickScore training videos. We’ve also put together a What's New in 3.2 Guide for Scoreboard and a What's New in 3.2 Guide for QuickScore. Finally, we’re hosting a series of free online webinars to walk you through the new features.

If you want to maximize your return on investment, we offer paid formal training courses and dedicated consulting engagements. Most of our customers prefer the flexibility of contracting for remote (web-based) assistance, but we also have on-site services available if they’re a better match for your requirements.

We have more information about all of our free and paid services on our services page.