Adding “or” Filters to Reports in 3.2

Scoreboard and QuickScore 3.2 have the powerful new ability to add “or” filters to reports. Here’s an example of how they work. Let’s start with a simple report that shows all of the measures that are red for a month.

Here’s what the two filters look like. The item type is KPI/measure and the color is red.

Let’s say we want to change this report to show not only red KPIs/measures, but also KPIs/measures that are trending downward. That way we’ll have a single report showing all of the KPIs/measures we need to keep an eye on.

In order to do this, we’ll add a new “downward trend” filter, and before we click “done,” we’ll turn on this “or filter” switch on the bottom.

Now we need to choose which existing filter we’re going to add our new filter to. Since we want to show all “red” or all “downward trending,” we’ll choose the red color filter to use with our “or.”

This is what the filters look like now. This means that the report will show all items that are KPIs/measures and (red or downward trending).

And here’s our new report.