• Integrated Help in 2.7

    In previous versions of the software, clicking on the help button brought up a dialog containing a link to the help guide in PDF form.

    In version 2.7, many screens now have context sensitive help. When you click on the help button in the dashboards section, for example, you see help for only dashboards.

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  • Copy & Paste Dashboards & Briefing Books

    With version 2.7 you can now copy and paste Dashboards and Briefing books. This has been a popular user request and it will make it quite a bit easier to create dashboards that are uniform across organizations.

  • New QuickScore Video

    We've just finished putting together a new QuickScore overview video. It's quite a bit shorter than the last one (just over 3 minutes) and it covers all of the great new functionality in version 2.7.

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  • Embeddable Dashboards in 2.7

    Dashboards can now be embedded in webpages outside of the software. This is useful for embedding live dashboards in blogs or software like SharePoint. To do this, select the new link in the dashboards “Send to…” menu called “Embeddable Dashboard.”

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  • Redesigned User and Group Management in 2.7

    With version 2.7 we've made user and group management much easier to use, especially for organizations with more than a few users. We've added a search box to make finding users and groups easy.

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