• User and Group Dropdowns in 2.8

    Users and groups are sometimes listed in the same dropdown list. This used to be confusing because it can sometimes be hard to tell the difference between the two. Even worse, on some screens the button said “add user” even though groups were there too.

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  • New Default Chart Colors in 2.8

    When you create a chart, we automatically choose colors for the data series. In previous versions of the software, the color palate included colors like red, yellow, and green. This could be confusing because red, yellow, and green are also used to designate performance.

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  • Briefing Book Redesign in 2.8

    The Spider Strategies development engine keeps pushing forward, and we're excited to announce the release of version 2.8 beta! We've made a lot of great improvements throughout the application, but one of the most welcomed changes will probably be the complete redesign of full-screen Briefing Books.

    In previous versions of the software, sending a Briefing Book to full-screen opened a new browser window. Because this content was in a new widow, though, there was no navigation and you couldn't click on an object to drill down to a new screen.

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  • Other Connect Enhancements

    We've put a lot of work into Connect lately, as you've probably noticed from our last three blog posts. There are dozens of new enhancements, like the ability to read from DB2 databases, and the ability to import start/archive dates for scorecard objects.

    The biggest change, however, is performance. Connect is now much faster when setting up and running imports. Screens load much more quickly, especially for large data sets.

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  • Connect Unmapped Data Report

    Spreadsheets and databases change over time. When you first set up a metric value import, you may have a spreadsheet that includes 10 metrics with values. The next month, there may be 12 metrics with values in the spreadsheet.

    There's a good chance you also want to import values for these two new metrics, but they haven't been mapped to metrics in Scoreboard/QuickScore yet. For this reason, Connect now has an Unmapped Source Data report showing all source data metrics that haven't been mapped to any metrics in Scoreboard/QuickScore.

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