• Faster Calendar Period Switching in 2.9

    There are now forward and backward arrows for calendar periods in the header. Using these is much faster than having to open the entire calendar selector.

  • Initiatives in Metric Equations in 2.9

    Initiatives and Tasks can now be used in equations for calculated metrics, further integrating the Scorecards and Initiatives sections of the software. The following values are available:

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  • Redesigned Initiatives Overview in 2.9

    Version 2.9 came out a few months ago, and one of the biggest changes is that the Initiatives section now supports Earned Value Management (EVM) projects.

    Based on the EVM methodology, users regularly update how much has been spent on a project and what percent complete it is. The software then shows a graph tracking their progress and projects both budget and schedule to determine how the project is performing.

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  • Stacked Area Combo Charts in 2.8

    The last 2.8 enhancement I'd like to share is stacked area combo charts. In previous versions of the software, you could create stacked area charts, but you couldn't combine them with other charts. In version 2.8, you can.

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  • Actions in Metrics Report in 2.8

    In 2.8 there's a new column that you can add to the metrics report that shows Initiatives and Actions that are associated with the metrics.

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