• 2015 Strategy Execution Summit

    We're excited to officially announce our second annual Strategy Execution Summit with the Balanced Scorecard Institute! Join us May 19-21 at the Park Hyatt in beautiful Washington, D.C.

    For more information, including registration details, check out the official conference website.

  • The SQL Server 2100 parameter limit is a pain to code around when selecting lots of rows by ID and using batches of parameterized queries doesn't seem to perform very well.

    This performance study shows that you should definitely stop using batched parameterized queries for selecting rows by ID. They should be replaced with a temporary table approach for large batches, or constructed SQL strings if temporary tables prove unworkable.

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  • Period "to date" Equations in 2.8

    In version 2.8 there's a new equation you can use for calculated metrics called “Period to Date.” You can use this to create metrics with values based on rolling sums of other metrics’ values or thresholds. For example:

    would result in a quarter-to-date sum for metric 123's actual value.

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  • Increase Dashboard Text Size in 2.8

    The default dashboard text object size used to be fairly small.

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  • When you're adding objects to a dashboard, the first step is to select the organization of the object that you want to add. In version 2.8 We now start with the organization where your dashboard is located, which makes building dashboards much easier.

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