• 2014 Users Conference

    We're teaming up with the Balanced Scorecard Institute to create our first ever users conference. Join us from March 30 to April 2, 2014, in sunny Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

    For more information, including registration details, check out the official conference website.

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  • Export and Import Scorecards in 2.7

    Another popular request that is now in the software is the ability to export an entire scorecard in a format that is easily imported.

    There are two new buttons in the scorecard section, one for exporting structure and one for exporting metric values. Users can export their data, edit it in Excel, and then use the spreadsheets in Connect to build new scorecards.

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  • Improved Update Metrics Form in 2.7

    There are several changes to the update metrics form in 2.7. At the top of the screen is now an organization filter that allows you to choose to see only metrics for a particular organization.

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  • Integrated Help in 2.7

    In previous versions of the software, clicking on the help button brought up a dialog containing a link to the help guide in PDF form.

    In version 2.7, many screens now have context sensitive help. When you click on the help button in the dashboards section, for example, you see help for only dashboards.

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  • Copy & Paste Dashboards & Briefing Books

    With version 2.7 you can now copy and paste Dashboards and Briefing books. This has been a popular user request and it will make it quite a bit easier to create dashboards that are uniform across organizations.