• Data Transformations in Connect

    Spreadsheets and databases often contain negative or blank values, and Connect has always imported the data as-is. Usually this is just fine, but occasionally people have wanted to tweak the data while it's being imported.

    The latest version of Connect now lets you do just that. The options for negative or missing values are to "Allow", "Ignore", "Interpret as Zero", or "Set to N/A".

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  • Multi-column Spreadsheets in Connect

    Lately we've been writing a lot about new things in Scoreboard/QuickScore, but that doesn't mean we've been ignoring Connect! This is the first in a series of posts about enhancements to our data import tool.

    One of the most popular things to do with Connect is to import metric values from an Excel spreadsheet. In previous versions of Connect, you could only have one metric value column per import. So, if you had a spreadsheet with 4 metric value columns, you had to create 4 imports for the same spreadsheet.

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  • Calendar Period Included in Exports in 2.7

    When you’re using the software, you’ve always been able to see the current period at the top of the screen. When you export data, though, the software doesn’t export any of the navigation controls, so there’s no way to tell what period the data is for.

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  • Set the Default Calendar Period in 2.7

    In the past, when you first log into the software you’re shown data for the most recently completed calendar period. In version 2.7 there’s now a configuration option to show the current period by default.

  • New Getting Started Section in 2.7

    The first thing new users will see in version 2.7 is a brand new welcome screen. You can choose to either create your scorecard structure as before, or the software can walk you through a step-by-step process to build your balanced scorecard.

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