• With version 2.7 we've made user and group management much easier to use, especially for organizations with more than a few users. We've added a search box to make finding users and groups easy.

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  • New Bulk Edits in 2.7

    Another thing that's brand new in version 2.7 is the bulk edit functionality, which lets you edit multiple scorecard objects at once. If you need to edit a lot of scorecard structure, this can save you a ridiculous amount of work.

    To edit multiple objects at once, just create a report that displays multiple scorecard objects. Then click the "Edit Scorecard Objects" button.

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  • New Scorecard Builder in 2.7

    Version 2.7 is hitting beta, so let us know if you want to be a tester!

    One of the best new features in 2.7 is the Scorecard Builder. It's a new Scorecards sub-section that helps you build and edit your scorecards quicker than ever.

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  • In Remembrance: Kirby Kitson

    It is with a heavy heart that I write to say that yesterday Spider Strategies lost a beloved member of our team, Kirby Kitson.

    Kirby joined Spider in June 2011 as our Manager of Product Training. In this role, Kirby was very much the face of Spider to our customers: training them on our software, providing helpdesk support, and working to create or update Spider’s training materials so that they were easier for our customers to use.

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  • Apple consistently gets high marks for customer service, so when I visit an Apple store my expectations are high. Very high. Maybe even too high, because each time I go I feel my experience could have been better. On my last visit, there was one thing in particular that I felt they could improve on: their serial numbers.

    Let me explain. When I visited the store, I was immediately greeted by an Apple employee. I told him that my laptop's power cord had died. I expected he would tell me I needed an appointment to see a genius, but instead he started working with me right away to verify my power cord was the issue. Awesome! Once we established that, he went to selfsolve.apple.com to check on my warranty status. He typed in the serial number for my laptop and the system said my laptop was not under warranty, even though I knew that it was.

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