• Version 2.5 Beta

    After almost a year of development, we're finally ready to reveal version 2.5. There are literally thousands of changes in this release, and we'll be highlighting some of the more exciting ones over the next few weeks.

    One of the first things you'll notice is that we've redesigned the application header. Although the old header design displayed all of the required information, it was lacking in layout.

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  • Best Places to Work Award

    We were just notified that we were named as one of the "Best Places to Work" by the Washington Business Journal for 2012. Thank you to everyone at Spider Strategies for making this company so great!

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  • We are now a few weeks into 2012, and you may be experiencing error messages that look like this when trying to update metric values:

    All of these messages indicate that you need to extend your calendars back or forward. You can do this by going into the Administration section and selecting Calendars. For additional support on calendars, contact our help desk at helpdesk@spiderstrategies.com.

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  • Start and Archive Dates in Version 2.3

    Have you ever needed objects to appear or disappear for different dates within your scorecards? For example, you may be measuring electric expenses for 2010 but your utilities switched to gas for 2011, and you want your scorecard to reflect that.

    The good news is that you can now set start and archive dates in version 2.3. With these options you can make structure change based on the calendar period selected. To set your start and archive dates, just create or edit a scorecard object and expand the advanced options.

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  • New Website

    We've just published a new version of our website. Over the last several years we've just been adding new stuff to the old one, and it got to a point where everything was getting a little hard to navigate. We tried our best to make everything simpler and easier to find, and we'd love to hear what you think.

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