• New PowerPoint Border Guides

    We’ve got great news if you have ever exported a Dashboard slide to PowerPoint and it was too large for the PowerPoint slide. We have added a dashed line border on the right and bottom edges of the Dashboard to indicate the maximum viewing area within a PowerPoint slide. These dashed lines are just friendly reminders that only show up when dashboards are in editing mode. Any part of your Dashboard that falls outside of the dashed lines may not show up correctly in PowerPoint.

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  • Reports Now on Dashboards

    Version 2.3 now offers the ability to add reports and charts from the Reports section to dashboards. This can be very helpful to see things like all of your red metrics, or just the metrics that are trending downward.

  • New Notes Features

    In version 2.3, notes for Scorecard object can now be added to a dashboard. Not only can the notes be viewed on the dashboard, but you can also add, edit, delete, and reply to notes without leaving the dashboard or Briefing Book slide. All updates to notes update automatically throughout the application. What a great way to communicate without having to search!

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  • New Dashboard Bubble Types

    We are excited that Version 2.3 offers additional Dashboard bubble links! You can now quickly link to all kinds of things right from your dashboards, including reports, other dashboards, briefing books, strategic initiatives, documents and scorecards. We know all bubbles are not the same, therefore you can change the shape, size, font size and placement of the bubble links too.

  • Our Report Card

    We just got our Past Performance Evaluation from Dun & Bradstreet, and things are looking pretty good! With an Overall Performance Rating of 96, this one is going on the refrigerator.

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