• 10 Principles of Successful Web Apps

    Fred Wilson talks about what has made his web apps successful. Not everything perfectly applies to Spider Strategies, but it's good advice none the less.

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  • Doing the "Right" Thing


    I've been thinking a lot lately about Apple's new iPad and its lack of support for Flash graphics. This is clearly a strategic move by Apple away from a closed technology that is fully owned by one company. Feel free to see the irony there.

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  • New option to turn off shiny graphics

    Our new graphics in Scoreboard have been incredibly well received. Some of our defense clients, however, prefer a flatter and more reserved look. For them we're introducing a configuration option in Scoreboard 2.2 to turn off shiny graphics. The screenshots below show different graphs with the option turned on and off. shiny-images

  • We're Hiring!

    If you are Java/web developer or know one, please check our job posting!

  • More stunning dashboards from Scott

    Check these out!

    Dashboard 1

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