• More stunning dashboards from Scott

    Check these out!

    Dashboard 1

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  • Pie charts with separated sections

    This week, a major Fortune 500 company requested we add the capability to separate out sections of our pie charts to highlight important information. Here is an example with 4 sections highlighted this way. We still need to add some graphic polish, but already this looks like a pretty cool feature!

    Pie with separated sections

  • Stunning Dashboards from Scott

    I work on dashboards all day every day, so it's easy for me to lose track of just how cool they are. When Scott sent me these examples, I was floored!

    Dashboard Example 1

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  • New Linear Gauge WOB Preview

    We're busy working on all kinds of great new WOBs to include in your dashboards, and here's a preview of something that is coming in the next couple of months. The new linear gauges will be able to be displayed vertically or horizontally, in both slider and bullet formats.


  • CMS 2.1 beta release

    We are pleased to announce the availability of CMS 2.1 beta! As you can see in our blog posts over the past few weeks, CMS 2.1 graphics boast quite a bit more polish than CMS 2.0 graphics. The most exciting thing, though is the new Dashboards module.

    Dashboards work just like standard presentation software. They allow you to create resizable objects called WOBs™ that are:

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