• Website Updates

    We've updated the website to show off our new CMS 2.0 software. The products section now has a screenshot tour of CMS as well as a brand new section for our ETL tool, Spider Connect. We've updated a bunch of other pages too, so hopefully all of the information you need will be even easier to find than before.

  • New Dojo Tree Functionality

    Dojo has just accepted code from Spider Strategies into the toolkit that allows dragging and dropping hierarchical data in a tree format "between" places in the structure!

    Dojo drag and drop between

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  • New Website Images

    I've updated the images on the top of each page on the site. I think things were getting a little cluttered before and this should clean a lot of that up.

  • Dojo Spotlight

    We were recently chosen as one of the Spotlight companies using the Dojo toolkit. We've used open source tools in our applications since the start of the company, but we're particularly excited about technologies like Dojo because they make it a lot easier to write cutting edge web applications. Considering the fact that companies like Apple, AOL, and IBM use Dojo, this is quite an honor!

  • Major Website Update

    I've just published a major update to the website. The look and feel are similar, but there's a lot more content and I think things are laid out a little better now. I'd love to hear your suggestions!

    We'll publishing even more updates in the coming weeks, so keep your eye out for even more changes.

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