• Test Driven Development

    Here at Spider Strategies, we strive to use the latest and greatest technologies and software development methodologies. One area that has received a lot of buzz during the past few years is Test-Driven Development (TDD). Proponents of TDD claim it can both improve software quality and decrease development time. A technique that can both improve quality and decrease cost is a very attractive prospect, but we've been a little puzzled on how to get TDD started.

    The trouble is, TDD depends on the creation of unit tests, but it's difficult if not impossible to write unit tests for code that accesses a relational database. Since most of the Corporate Management Suite is concerned with accessing and manipulating data in databases, it didn't seem like there was much room for us to apply TDD to our development process.

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  • Getting Real and paying development debt

    We've recently stumbled onto a book by 37signals (the people behind Ruby on Rails) that has gotten us fired up all over again about the advantages of being a small web-based software company. Sure, we've been using many of the concepts they talked about over the past several years, but we were surprised to find several ways of thinking about things that were different than the ways we had approached them in the past.

    One concept in particular that I loved was the idea of development debt. They stress that it's ok to not get everything perfect the first time, and if you try to wait until everything is, you'll never release a product. It's important, however, to consider this imperfect software as a debt that you have to repay. On a regular basis you need to go back in and repay your loans. For us, this includes reducing clutter and eliminating areas in the app that aren't intuitive.

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