What is Dash?

Dash makes it easy to create dashboards on the web. Add different widgets to your dashboard and arrange them however you want. Watch your dashboard spring to life as you send it data.

Dash is very different from our other products, Scoreboard and QuickScore. Dash simply displays your data as it comes in. It's great for showing things that change every hour, minute, or second. Dash doesn't store your data, and it doesn't provide any analysis beyond what you see on a dashboard.

Scoreboard and QuickScore are complete performance management solutions. They're great for tracking things that change every quarter, month, or week. You choose what is important to measure, and you set goals. The software stores your data and helps you identify trends and problem areas. You can run reports and get email alerts when something takes a turn for the worse.

How Dash works


Add widgets

Add widgets like charts, tables, and gauges to your dashboard. You can resize and move everything.


Bring them to life

Show data from spreadsheets, databases, or our API. Pre-built integrations for dozens of popular services.

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