What is Scoreboard?

Scoreboard is web-based software designed around the idea that you improve what you measure. It helps you choose the right key performance indicators for your business, and then tracks those KPIs to make sure you reach your strategic goals.

Scoreboard is very similar to our other product, QuickScore. It's the same software behind the scenes, but QuickScore uses language for people familiar with balanced scorecards, like "perspective" and "measure." Everything else is the same. Long story short, if you have a balanced scorecard, use QuickScore. If you just want to track KPIs, use Scoreboard.


Track KPIs

Scoreboard makes it easy to set goals for your key performance indicators and then track them over time. Your KPIs are scored every month based on how well they perform.

Build Dashboards

See your performance at a glance with dashboards. You can compare different regions, see historical trends, or watch for problem areas. Scoreboard's freeform canvas gives you complete layout control.

Drill Down

When you need more information, just click to drill down to underlying data, performance trends, and comments. Run reports to compare KPIs across organizations.

Share with Anyone

Share your live dashboards with as many people as you want for free. There's no need to log in, and they don't need a license. You can even revoke access whenever you want.

What customers are saying

"Anyone who measures performance should look at what Scoreboard has to offer. This product is loaded with performance tracking and reporting capabilities, yet is easy to use and affordably priced."
Dave Breitenstein Dave Breitenstein - City of Eugene Waste Water Department
"Scoreboard continues to be a critical part of our success. The software is ideal for rolling-out scorecards to employees and gives management a key tool in managing our performance goals.“
Erik Nyberg Erik Nyberg - Information Systems Director, The Guidance Center
"Finding a tool that can accommodate 37,000 plus metrics was a challenging task. Spider not only met our requirements but exceeded our expectations in every way possible, from functionality to customer service."
Kristina Haakman Kristina Haakman - Senior Financial Analyst, Starbucks Canada

You can't win if you don't know the score. Try it now!

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