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Metric Equation Building Improvements in 2.15

Scott O'Reilly, July 28, 2016

In previous versions of the software, the input box for metric equations was sometimes too small for larger equations.

The metric equation box is now much larger.

Also, it can be helpful to know a metric’s ID before adding it to an equation. Because of this, the software now shows the metric ID on mouseover in the equation builder.

Additional Metric Value Filters in Reports in 2.15

Scott O'Reilly, July 25, 2016

The following options have been added to the metric value filter in Report Writer:

  • Null
  • N/A
  • Yes
  • No

Relative Connect Import Dates in 2.15

Scott O'Reilly, July 21, 2016

Connect now has the ability to choose a relative period when importing metric values. This can be helpful when importing metric values after a period has ended.

Override Historical Thresholds in 2.15

Scott O'Reilly, July 18, 2016

When a metric is created, every threshold needs a default value. This is used later when the metric is updated with an actual value. The thresholds are stored along with the actual values so that the software can show what the goals were in the past.

One problem with remembering historical thresholds, however, is that if an administrator wants to retroactively change them, she would need to manually change the thresholds for every historical metric value.

There is now the ability to override historical thresholds when changing a metric’s default thresholds. This will dramatically reduce administration time.

Replaced Date Range Sliders in 2.15

Scott O'Reilly, July 14, 2016

In previous versions of the software, many calendar period ranges in the software were set via sliders. This worked well at first, but as the number of calendar periods grew, it became increasingly difficult to precisely choose ranges.

All sliders have now been replaced with two dropdowns, one for the beginning and one for the end. This is much more precise, and avoids accidental changes to the range.