• In the past, the spacing between lines for dashboard text objects was too much for smaller fonts. The software now makes the spacing to be proportional to the text, which looks much better when mixing font sizes.

  • Show N/A on dashboards in 2.14

    When a metric value is “not applicable” for a particular period, it now shows as N/A on dashboards performance bubbles.

  • When a metric isn’t updated, it is null. It shows up as gray in the software, and in the past it would always force all equations that reference that metric to also be gray for that period. In the latest version of the software you can now choose how to handle missing metric values in equations.

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  • When a metric or one of its thresholds is calculated, there is now a “Calculated Aggregation Type” choice for the metric.

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  • Connect is our data import tool that can connect to data sources and use them to import data into the software on a scheduled basis. Connect is now able to import types of data that haven’t been possible in the past.

    When importing metric values, there is now an optional “Comment” field. This allows users to import period-specific comments along with their metric values.

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