• When using the “Generate Demo Data” functionality in the administration section, it is now possible to extend the demo data into the future by selecting a date.

  • In the past, only users could be assigned as owners and updaters in the Administration section. You can now assign both users and groups as owners and updaters in Administration.

  • Editing Image Names in 2.14

    You can now edit image names in the Administration section. This is very helpful to maintain the increasing number of images in the software.

  • Unsubscribe Links in Emails in 2.14

    There is now an unsubscribe link in all emails sent by the software. When a user clicks unsubscribe, they are taken to a form where they can choose to unsubscribe from email notifications for a particular user account or for all accounts that share a common email address.

  • There is new configuration option in the Administration section where you can choose the number if invalid attempts allowed before an account is locked.

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