The University of Sharjah is no stranger to organizational performance management. Having implemented the balanced scorecard management methodology, UoS knew where it wanted to go with its strategy. With over 1,000 performance indicators and 50 performance scorecards, UoS uses a bi-annual performance leadership forum and Board Reports for mid-year and end-of-year performance reporting. However, without the right performance management solution in place, the university was struggling to extract, synthesize, visualize, understand, and share its data.

Board and Management reporting were taking hundreds of hours of prep work—in fact, it took over two months to pull PowerPoint reports together from many disparate systems. And, the strategy department had limited control over user edit access and permissions which caused challenges when reporting performance progress against set targets.

Looking to resolve these challenges, UoS began a search for a new strategic performance management system with a requirement that it be up and running—and reporting results—by November 2021 for UoS leadership forums.