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Strategy Execution for Defense & National Security

Strategic management software aligns commands to a common strategy for a comprehensive, action-oriented view of their data.

Spider Strategies and Government

Enable leaders at all levels to manage performance

Use Spider Impact to get multiple organizations and commands using the same strategy management tools, ultimately enabling connected visibility across the broader organization.

Link and aggregate data from across multiple databases

Consolidate input from various authoritative data systems into on-demand dashboards that compare functional and operational performance to predetermined targets.

Visualize Trends and Cause/Effect

Visualize period-to-period trends so you can make informed decisions about planning, programs, and initiatives. Gain insight into cause and effect relationships between events across the globe.

Secure Hosting

Host Spider Impact on premises or securely in the cloud. For US Government, Defense, and National Security customers we also offer Spider Impact for Government.

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U.S. Army Uses Spider Impact to Provide a Transparent Common Operating Picture

SMS data, dashboards, and performance trends provide an enterprise-wide, transparent Common Operating Picture that serves as a continuous feedback loop and azimuth check to help answer the questions: ‘Are we doing the right things?’ and ‘Are we doing things right?’

Gaston Randolph Director of Strategy Management, Office of the Surgeon General
Gaston Randolph Director of Strategy Management, Office of the Surgeon General
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Prioritize your most critical data

With Spider Impact, not only can you see your performance at a glance, you can also choose to view your most critical data first, enabling you to take action on underperforming metrics.

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Generate briefings to deliver key information to leadership

Assemble your dashboards, reports, and KPIs into a multi-slide briefing. It's like PowerPoint, but with live data. As you advance through slides, your leadership briefings will be fully interactive.

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View example KPIs for Defense & National Security

We’ve assembled a collection of sample Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for you to use as a starting point when building scorecards.

View All Government KPIs
  • Percentage of recruits holding high school diplomas
  • Number of enlisted Active Component accessions
  • Percentage satisfied with military health plan
  • Acquisition cycle time
  • Percentage of inadequate family housing units
  • Percentage of DoD budget spent on infrastructure

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