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Strategy Software for State & Local Government

Execute your government strategic plan to see real, measurable performance improvements. You can even publish data for better community engagement and transparency.

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A street light and street sign with a tall building in the background on Wall Street in New York City.

Optimize Spending of Your Limited Budget

Governments can only fund a limited number of initiatives. Spider Impact not only predicts when projects won't finish on time and under budget, but also shows whether a project is actually causing its intended change.

Manage Public Services

Local governments oversee the management of multiple services like police, fire, water, waste management, parks & recreation, and transportation. Spider Impact makes it easy to track the performance of all of theses critical functions and teams.

Increase Transparency

Constituents want to know what their government is doing. To bridge the transparency gap, build and share public dashboards that show progress toward strategic goals. No additional licenses required.

Adapt to Rapidly Changing Circumstances

Government leadership needs to be able to rapidly shift focus and funds to meet the changing needs of the community. Spider Impact helps you quickly mobilize for pandemic or natural disaster response.

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The Carson City Sheriff’s Office Makes Its Most Important Decisions With Spider Impact

Spider Impact gives my divisions and me the ability to look at data from different perspectives, and compare data year over year, which is extremely valuable.

Ken Furlong Sheriff of Carson City, NV
Ken Furlong Sheriff of Carson City, NV
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Link Budgets & Projects to Strategy.

Spider Impact aligns your spending with your strategic goals. You can share budget data across departments to determine the feasibility of new initiatives, and you can demonstrate how projects support strategic objectives so you can get the funding you need. Track your results in one place, and keep everyone on the same page.

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Increase Transparency.

Keep constituents and key stakeholders in the loop about your strategic plans. Public-facing dashboards and reports make sure everyone know the latest progress toward your strategic goals. Focus your message by showing how work across your organization aligns with your mission, and how each department contributes toward overall goals.

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Want to see what Spider Impact can do for your community?

Farmer's Branch headquarters
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Farmers Branch, TX, Creates a Data-Driven Culture with Spider Impact

Spider Impact removes emotion and assumptions from our discussions about community concerns, and lets us just look at the facts to tell an accurate story. It has eliminated the background noise. Data is what it is, and our data is telling a complete story.

Ben Williamson Customer
Ben Williamson Assistant City Manager
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Example State & Local KPIs

We’ve assembled a collection of sample Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for you to use as a starting point when building scorecards.

View All Public Administration KPIs
  • Cost per park safety enforcement action on park land
  • Number of licensed pets
  • Number of public emergency shelters
  • Number of abandoned vehicles investigated
  • Number of collisions related to pursuits

Experience Spider Impact for Free

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