Unipal General Trading Company has always been committed to closely monitoring its strategic measures to ensure the achievement of the organization’s goals and objectives. However, it became increasingly difficult to track the performance of both quantitative and qualitative KPIs using documents and spreadsheets. It was also challenging to link the individual performance of specific departments with the overall company’s goals and objectives.

Desiring a software solution to enhance and simplify its strategic performance management processes, the Unipal team began a two-month search for the best solution to meet their needs. After researching the best balanced scorecard software offerings, Unipal made the decision to conduct a trial of Spider Strategies’ Spider Impact solution.

Unipal had several key requirements in mind when evaluating Spider Impact:

  • An online view of KPI performance and overall strategy—including multiple tiers of goals and objectives
  • Visualizations for seeing the connection and linkages between departmental KPIs and strategies with the overall Unipal strategy
  • An improved and automated process for collecting the underlying KPI data.

The software evaluation helped to prove that Spider Impact would provide full visibility to overall performance of the company via a consistent color-coded measuring system and reveal the performance of individual KPIs and their impacts on Unipal’s ability to reach its overall goals”, explained Mr. Muhammed Ahmed Kanan, Corporate Finance Business Development, Unipal General Trading Company.