Real Estate And Rental And Leasing KPIs | KPIs For Real Estate

Real Estate and Rental and Leasing KPIs

This is a collection of example key performance indicators, specifically chosen for the Real Estate, Rental and Leasing industries. These industry-specific KPI examples can be a great starting point for managing your organization’s strategy.

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KPI Examples for Real Estate and Rental and Leasing

Realtor Website

  • Conversation rate (i.e., take rate) - Number of conversations over number of website visits
  • Top conversion page exit - The page where website visitors change their minds and exit your website.
  • Traffic source percentage - Website visits referred by

Real Estate Office

  • Advertising and promotion
  • Average commission per sale
  • Average commission per salesperson
  • Commission margin
  • Net profit
  • Office cost (telephone, fax, and other office cost)
  • Rent cost of premises
  • Sold homes per available inventory ratio
  • Total income
  • Wages and salaries (including commissions and vehicle allowances)
  • Year-to-year variance on average sold price
  • Year-to-year variance on dollar volume of sold listings
  • Year-to-year variance on sold average dollar per square foot

Commercial Property Management

  • Annual return on investment in percentage
  • Construction/purchaser rate - New constructed or purchased units over time
  • Cost per square foot
  • Equity value growth in percentage
  • Lease events coverage ratio - Number of lease inquiries over number of available units
  • Management efficiency - Number of leased spaces over number of staff
  • Market share growth
  • Monthly return on investment as percentage
  • Occupancy cost - Cost per occupied unit
  • Operation cost to rent income ratio
  • Percentage of rent collected
  • Price to income as percentage
  • Profitability per square foot
  • Real estate demand growth - Market rental demands
  • Rented space usage quality - Average number of tenant visits over rented space
  • Renting cost - Renting cost per square foot
  • Renting return on investment - Rent income over cost
  • Revenue per square foot
  • Risk metrics as percentage
  • Total property management income per property manager
  • Usage efficiency - Available renting square feet over number of staff
  • Utilization (vacancy) rate - Rented square feet over total square feet, or rented units over total units

Real Estate Investor

  • Average gross multiplier for portfolio
  • Cost per square foot to value per square foot ratio
  • Equity to value ratio
  • Gross multiplier per commercial property
  • LTV (loan to value) ratio per property
  • Mortgage rate index
  • Overall LTV (loan to value) ratio for portfolio
  • Price per square foot to value per square foot ratio
  • Profitability per square foot
  • Property value growth (market trend)
  • Purchase price-to-appraisal value ratio
  • Rental value growth rate ROI (return on investment)

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