Transportation & Warehousing KPIs | KPIs For Transportation Industry

Transportation and Warehousing KPIs

We’ve assembled a collection of sample Key Performance Indicators for you to use as a starting point when building scorecards. These sample KPIs reflect common metrics for both departments and industries.

Ornament pattern
Ornament pattern

Example KPIs for Transportation and Warehousing

  • Annualized inventory turns
  • Annualized cost of goods sold (COGS)/average daily inventory value
  • Backlog value
  • Value of open, not yet fulfilled, booked order lines
  • Book to fulfill ratio
  • Booked order value/fulfilled value
  • Book to ship days
  • Average of shipped date - Firm date (booked date used if no firmed date)
  • Booked order value
  • Booked order line value (not including returns)
  • Claims percentage for freight costs
  • Customer order promised cycle time
  • Defects per million opportunities
  • Inventory months of supply
  • On-time line count
  • On-time pickups
  • Pick exceptions rate
  • Percentage of picks with exceptions
  • Pick release to ship
  • Planned inventory turns
  • Planned cost of goods sold/planned inventory value
  • Planned margin
  • Planned revenue - Planned costs
  • Planned margin percentage
  • Planned margin/planned revenue
  • Planned on-time shipment
  • Planned service level (percentage of shipments shipped on time)
  • Planned resource utilization
  • Planned resource usage
  • Product revenue
  • Product sales revenue (not including service) recognized in selected period (based on AR invoice lines)
  • Product revenue backlog
  • Value of booked order lines less returns plus deferred revenue backlog (invoiced but not recognized)
  • Production value
  • Value of work-in-process (WIP) completions into inventory
  • Production to plan rate
  • Production standard value/planned standard value
  • Receipt to put-away
  • Time elapsed from pick release to ship confirm
  • Time elapsed from receipt
  • Transit time

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