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Sales KPIs

We’ve curated these example Sales key performance indicators for you to use as a starting point when building scorecards and dashboards. These KPI examples are metrics commonly used by Sales departments.

Ornament pattern
Ornament pattern

KPI Examples for Sales

  • Actual calls
  • Actual sales value versus initial bid
  • Age of sales forecast
  • Average administrative time per sales person
  • Average deal size
  • Average number of activities (calls, meetings, etc.) to close a deal
  • Average price discount per product
  • Average price discount per sales person
  • Average revenue per product
  • Call quota
  • Closed sales
  • Closing ratio
  • Customer acquisitions costs as a percentage of sales value
  • Customer churn ratio
  • Customer loyalty
  • Customer purchase frequency
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Frequency of sales transactions
  • Gross margin per product
  • Gross margin per sales person
  • New sales person ramp-up time
  • Number of certified partners
  • Number of deals per partner
  • Number of sales orders by FTE
  • Number of sales people meeting their quota
  • Number of units sold per day/week/month/quarter/year
  • Partner churn ratio
  • Partner profit margin
  • Percentage of converted opportunities
  • Percentage of online sales revenue
  • Percentage of sales due to launched product/services
  • Percentage of sales representatives to achieve quota
  • Percentage of sales revenue via partner channel
  • Pipeline by sales stage
  • Qualified leads
  • Qualified opportunities
  • Revenue per sales person
  • Sales capacity
  • Sales cycle time
  • Sales per department
  • Sales person turnover
  • Sales quota
  • Time utilization
  • Unweighted sum of deal size in sales pipeline
  • Value of sales lost
  • Win/loss ratio percentage

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