KPI Examples For Wholesale Trade | Wholesale Trade KPIs & Metrics

Wholesale Trade KPIs

This is a collection of example key performance indicators, specifically chosen for the Wholesale Trade industry. These industry-specific KPI examples can be a great starting point for managing your organization’s strategy.

Ornament pattern
Ornament pattern

KPI Examples for Wholesale Trade

  • Dock turnaround time
  • Freight costs (minimize costs without affecting deliveries)
  • Inventory accuracy, stockouts
  • Inventory carrying costs
  • Inventory turns per year
  • Logistics costs per year
  • Low-velocity inventory comparison through sectors
  • Order fill rate and accuracy
  • Technology used to execute inventory strategies
  • Warehouse flow-through (or some measure of yard or warehouse productivity)
  • Wholesale revenue
  • Total factor productivity
  • Labor productivity
  • Return on assets
  • Profit margin
  • Debt to equity
  • Inventory turnover
  • Asset utilization
  • Collection efficiency

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