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Want to be a part of our expanding partner community?

We’re privileged to work with a worldwide community of partner organizations. Some of our partners connect us to prospects. Some resell our software and help customers achieve great success with it. And others focus on education, delivering world-class training and consulting services in the areas of performance management and strategic management.

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Worldwide kpi and performance management partners

Partner Benefits

We ensure that our partners have everything they need to be successful.

Training for your team

We’ll equip your team to become Spider Impact experts with comprehensive web-based training. Once trained, you’ll be able to train and assist your customers—helping them implement successful solutions for their organizations.

Beta Program participation for upcoming releases

As a member of our Worldwide Partner Community, you have a voice in shaping our solutions. You’ll be invited to participate in our annual Beta programs for release testing and provide key feedback on upcoming releases, enabling you to assist your customers in becoming early adopters.

Demonstration assistance and coaching

Our team will provide you with the tools and guidance you need to deliver Spider Impact demonstrations, enabling you to build great prototypes for your target audience.

Access to assistance when you need it

Should you need technical or sales assistance to support your efforts, we’re here for you! You’ll have access to designated team members and our helpdesk staff, letting you get the assistance you need when you need it.

Free dedicated software trial environments

Once your prospect or customer is ready to experience Spider Impact in full, we’ll provide you with a dedicated software trial environment. This environment enables you to help prospects build a complete, working prototype.

Membership in our partner portal

As part of our Worldwide Partner Network, you’ll have access to a web-based resource portal designed just for our resellers. We provide real-time updates, sales and marketing materials, technical release notes, and partner broadcasts via our portal—so you always have the most current information and tools for success.

Quarterly strategy sessions

We deeply value our partners’ ideas and insights. Through quarterly strategic web sessions with our partners, we review challenges and opportunities, marketing ideas, new sales and marketing materials, and more. These sessions will keep you up-to-date and ready to sell Spider Impact.

Partner Spotlight

We’re honored to work with a powerful network of partners and resellers across the globe. Care to join them?

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Balanced Scorecard Institute

The Balanced Scorecard Institute (BSI), a Strategy Management Group company, provides consulting, training, and professional certification services to commercial, government, and nonprofit organizations worldwide. BSI helps organizations build balanced scorecard or KPI systems from scratch or assess and improve what they already have. For more information about how BSI can help your organization, please contact them.

Balanced Scorecard West Africa

Balanced Scorecard West Africa resells and implements Spider Strategies' software solutions across Egypt and West Africa. Balanced Scorecard West Africa is a management consulting firm incorporated in Nigeria and specializes in strategy and performance management training and consulting services.

Crystal Consulting Group LLC

Crystal Consulting Group resells Spider Strategies' software solutions throughout Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Pakistan. Crystal Consulting Group provides complete implementation services for Spider Strategies' solutions - as well as business process management, performance management, project management, finance and accounting services, and VAT advisory throughout The Middle East.

East Harbour Associates

East Harbour Associates resells and implements Spider Strategies' software solutions in the Channel Islands. East Harbour Associates help businesses achieve strategic goals, improve results and manage risk.


Estratek resells and implements Spider Strategies' software solutions across the mainland of South America. Estratek supports organizations in the design and alignment of their Business Strategy with Business Processes, as well as in the implementation of Management Monitoring and Control, Productivity Improvement and Risk Management Methodologies.


Intrafocus resells Spider Strategies' software solutions across Europe, The Middle East and Africa. Intrafocus is both a business performance management consultancy and software reseller. As an affiliate of the Balanced Scorecard Institute, Intrafocus runs strategic planning and balanced scorecard training classes.

Orbit Middle East

Orbit Middle East resells and implements Spider Strategies' software solutions in Saudi Arabia. Orbit Middle East is a leading provider of best-of-breed solutions for businesses across the spectrum of the real estate and Architectural / Engineering / Construction (AEC) industries.


Sistema Consulting resells and implements Spider Strategies' software solutions throughout Turkey. Sistema is a strategic transformation company helping organizations with Balanced Scorecards, Process Management, Sales Improvement, and Organizational Development.

Van der Leer

Van der Leer resells and implements Spider Strategies' software solutions across Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Honduras. Van der Leer has provided professional services for 32 years to improve the performance of companies using world-renowned methodologies complemented by state-of-the-art software and training specially designed for each organization.

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