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Take your organization to the next level by using data to drive strategic decisions. Spider Impact can gather your data in one place, update it automatically, and keep everyone working toward the same goals.

Introducing Spider Impact
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Spider Impact Advantages

Spider Impact bridges the gap between strategy and execution. It highlights the operational data you need to run your organization, while never losing sight of your big-picture goals.


Manage any methodology

Regardless of which performance management methodology your organization uses, Spider Impact has you covered. Built to be methodology-agnostic, Spider Impact works with all performance management methodologies, including Metrics & KPIs, Balanced Scorecard, Earned Value Management, and more. KPI Software and Balanced Scorecard Software is just the beginning.

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Spider Impact works where you work

Spider Impact was built to work for any industry and in any size organization. You’ll find Spider Impact in:

  • Manufacturing
  • Services
  • Defense & National Security
  • Government
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Nonprofits
  • and more...
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Man presenting a demo of Spider Impact's KPI funnel report capability
Farmer's Branch headquarters
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Farmers Branch, TX, Creates a Data-Driven Culture with Spider Impact

Spider Impact removes emotion and assumptions from our discussions about community concerns, and lets us just look at the facts to tell an accurate story. It has eliminated the background noise. Data is what it is, and our data is telling a complete story.

Ben Williamson Customer
Ben Williamson Assistant City Manager
Read the Farmers Branch Story

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