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A brief introduction to Spider Strategies, including our history, company, and culture.

About Spider Strategies


What is Spider Strategies?

We’re a team of performance management enthusiasts, software developers, and support staff. Our sole focus is to help our customers achieve their best strategic performance.

We believe in hiring only the best people and then treating them incredibly well. Happy employees translate into better ideas, better customer support, and ultimately better products.


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Industries Using our Software

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The Spider Strategies staff holding a team meeting about creating the best strategic performance management software on the market.

Our mission is to help businesses, governments, and nonprofits improve their performance.

Conor Crimmins Cofounder & Chief Operating Officer Spider Strategies
Conor Crimmins Cofounder & Chief Operating Officer

Our vision

To empower customers by bringing their organizational strategies to life through intuitive, powerful, methodology-agnostic performance management software.

Our Core Values & Commitments

Every member of the Spider Strategies team is dedicated to living our core values and commitments.

Customers First, Always

We listen to and engage with our customers frequently. They help us to understand what product capabilities and enhancements will have the greatest impact on their organizations. Every enhancement we code is a direct response to their needs. Every new feature is driven by their feedback.

Eliminate Customer Risk

Spider Strategies has long been dedicated to enabling prospective customers to try our solutions at no cost before purchasing them. Our Customer Success Advocates are happy to work with prospective customers to help them thoroughly test drive our solution. We want prospective customers to have total confidence in us before they buy.

Education that Drives Enablement

We provide our customers with access to education to get the most value from our software solutions. We also provide free educational videos and webinars to ensure our users know how to get the most from Spider Impact.

Support for Partners & Resellers

We value our resellers and partners. We ensure that our partner community feels supported and is equipped with everything they need to successfully promote, support, and leverage Spider Impact.

Employees are Everything

We are committed to taking care of our team, and we value every employee. Spider Strategies has been recognized multiple times as a “Best Place to Work” by both the Washingtonian Magazine and Washington Business Journal. We believe that happy employees will deliver the best possible customer experience in our industry.

Simple is Better than More

We carefully choose features to include in our software. We agonize over every screen to make sure it's as simple as possible. We obsess over small details so you won't notice them.

A Company Evolution

We’re very proud of the path we’ve taken. Explore the history that made us the company we are today.



2003 Founded

Spider Strategies began as a software consulting company. We helped companies build their websites and shape their online marketing. We also worked on a few smaller government projects, helping them process sensitive back-end data.


Launched Scoreboard

2004 Launched Scoreboard

In April 2004, Spider Strategies entered the Corporate Performance Management (CPM) market with our first off-the-shelf software product, Scoreboard. As one of the first software packages to combine scorecard theory with modern web technology, Scoreboard was successful across business, government, and education.


Launched QuickScore

2009 Launched QuickScore

For the first 6 years, Scoreboard was our only software product. Customers used it for a variety of performance management methodologies, including KPI tracking and Balanced Scorecards. That all changed in 2009 when we partnered with the Balanced Scorecard Institute to market a re-branded version of Scoreboard aimed solely at the Balanced Scorecard market. We called the new product QuickScore.


Launched Dash

2013 Launched Dash

Dash marked our first push into the broader consumer software market. It allowed you to build a dashboard from scratch in minutes. There weren't any complicated analytics or back-end number crunching. You just told Dash what to display and it showed it. Although we no longer offer Dash as a stand-alone product, its technology became the foundation for Scoreboard/QuickScore 3.


QuickScore 3

2017 Scoreboard/QuickScore 3

In early 2017, Spider Strategies released Scoreboard/QuickScore 3. It was the result of a complete software redesign and years of development. Version 3 allowed us to take a step back and completely rethink how performance management software should work. It featured a modern design, was incredibly fast, and worked on all modern devices.


Spider Impact

2020 Launched Spider Impact

In September 2020, Spider Strategies released Spider Impact, bringing QuickScore and Scoreboard together into one robust performance management solution. Spider Impact provides the insight to maximize organizational performance through data visualization, team alignment, communication, and robust initiative management… bringing your strategy to life.

Worldwide Partner Network

We’re privileged to work with a worldwide community of partner organizations.

Some of our partners connect us to prospects. Some resell our software and help customers achieve great success with it. And others focus on education, delivering world-class training and consulting services in the areas of performance management and strategic management.

Our Partner Network
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Worldwide kpi and performance management partners

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