ALJ Enterprises division had a history of measuring performance of SBU’s based solely on financial position and performance. After management decided that it needed a way to understand how the company was performing beyond the financial perspective, they sought out a way to better measure all aspects of performance and discovered the balanced scorecard performance management methodology. Deciding that the balanced scorecard methodology was the suitable fit for ALJE, they connected with the Balanced Scorecard Institute.

ALJE consulted with the Balanced Scorecard Institute to develop and implement its Strategy via balanced scorecard methodology. Originally, ALJE implemented its balanced scorecard using Microsoft Office. Realizing the time-consuming nature of managing a balanced scorecard this way, Mr. Rizwan Nizous, General Manager, Strategy Management, ALJ Enterprises, and Mr. Mohamed Deyab, Head of Project Management, ALJ Enterprises, set out to streamline and improve ALJE’s balanced scorecard. According to Mr. Nizous, “Our management team wanted to visualize the data to make it easier to understand. We went to the Balanced Scorecard Institute for a recommendation, and they recommended Spider Impact”.

Mr. Nizous and Mr. Deyab were introduced to Spider Strategies—the developer of Spider Impact. As ALJE is based in Saudi Arabia, Spider Strategies introduced ALJE to Mr. Sarwat Ali Khan, Partner & Manager at Crystal Consulting Group—a Spider Strategies Middle East partner based in Dubai, UAE.