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Take a tour of the software that gets everyone on the same page, working toward your strategic goals. Everyone has the information they need with beautiful dashboards, reports, and executive briefings.

Spider Impact Overview

Strategy Execution

Get employees focused on driving performance

Things improve when everyone in your organization can see your big-picture strategy and how it relates to them. Empower each employee to continuously drive your performance.

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Strategic Initiatives

Are your initiatives actually working?

Spider Impact predicts whether your initiatives will finish on time and under budget. More importantly, it tells you if they’re actually affecting your KPIs.

Meetings Reinvented

A better way to run a meeting

Spider Impact briefings focus your team on your latest data. Step through your slides, drill down to answer questions, then quickly resume where you left off. Meeting preparation is a snap, completely eliminating tedious slide-building work.

Business Intelligence

Strategy fueled by business intelligence

Once you’ve defined your strategic plan, stay on track with detailed analyses for better decision-making. Spider Impact datasets provide operational business intelligence to underpin your strategy.

Want to see what Spider Impact can do for your team?

Data Governance & Security

Personalized content & data access

Spider Impact delivers the right information to the right people at the right time with state-of-the-art data governance and security.

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Trusted across industry, government, and nonprofit

Features & benefits

With Spider Impact, you can create, implement, manage, and continuously improve your strategy and performance.

Deliver Immediate Value

Spider Impact can be up and running quickly and inexpensively for any organization. For organizations that have their scorecard and strategy ready to automate, you can easily enter or import your existing data. For organizations that are still working out strategic plans, Spider Impact can be used during the planning phase to help you quickly define your strategy and scorecard.

Data From Anywhere

Spider Impact allows you to collect data from across your organization and visualize it all in one place. You can pull data from spreadsheets, databases, thousands of SaaS tools via web service connections or Zapier, and even capture data directly with custom Forms.

Methodology Agnostic

Built to be methodology-agnostic, Spider Impact works with ANY performance management methodology, including Metrics & KPIs, Balanced Scorecard, Earned Value Management, and more.

Balanced Scorecard Institute Endorsed

Spider Impact is the only software officially endorsed by the Balanced Scorecard Institute. If you use the Balanced Scorecard methodology, we’re the best solution out there.

Services That Suit You

We’re committed to your success. In addition to free videos and webinars, we offer customized training and consulting services to maximize your return on investment in performance management. Our team of experts are here to meet your unique needs in every phase of your implementation and growth. Whatever your requirements, we’ve got you covered.

Anytime, Anywhere Accessibility

Spider Impact can be accessed for better decision-making anytime, anywhere. We support all digital devices, so you can access your performance metrics whether you’re using your laptop or your mobile devices.

Flexible Deployment Options

Spider Impact is available in the cloud so you can completely take the burden off of your technical resources. Or, you can host the application in your own data center. Now there are no obstacles in the way of driving better organizational performance.

Safe & Secure in the Cloud

If you decide to use our software in the cloud, you can rest easy knowing your data is safe. We have processes and safeguards in place designed to protect the assets and data you entrust us with. We cover all of the details in our Data Center Security and Support Guide.

Spider Impact Advantages

Spider Impact bridges the gap between strategy and execution. It highlights the operational data you need to run your organization, while never losing sight of your big-picture goals.

Experience Spider Impact for Free

Schedule a live demo or claim your free 30-day trial. We’re standing by to either show off Spider Impact or turn your data into a prototype for free.

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