Web 2.0, meet Business 2.0

As a gadget lover, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is my annual awards event of choice. Others can have the Oscars, the Grammys, and all of the Pageants combined. For me, it's all about what new gizmos are coming out that are going to make my life easier, happier, or more productive.

This year was no different. Although life always seems to prevent me from attending, I followed the highlights from the 2007 show in Las Vegas on both CNET and the CES website. As you can see from the list of 2007 Award Winners, these gadgets are all about making life more enjoyable and perhaps even a bit more productive. CES 2007 highlighted everything from a fully voice-activated control system for your car, in the Ford Sync (through a Partnership with Microsoft), to a PDA/Smartphone designed to play TV programs.

Really? TV on a cellphone? Well, this, coupled with Steve Jobs official introduction of the Apple iPhone at Macworld 2007, got me thinking about mobile productivity in the next 2-3 years. Looking back, the last 5 years have brought the onslaught of the Blackberry, Treo, and other PDA/Smartphone generation. These devices have allowed us to get away from our desks (although never away from work), by bringing our email, documents, presentations, and even the web right to our pockets. And now, it seems, TV, videos, music, and more.

So, as the technical world and the business world further collide, will more business be done via hand-held computers? Perhaps the V- Cast and iPhone don't convince you. But, how about the new OQO Model 2? This is a palm-sized mobile device with the specs of a PC (1.5GHz CPU, 60GB HDD, and 1GB RAM, the model 02 computer supports Microsoft's next generation operating system, Windows Vista).

Well, since we here at Spider like to be out ahead of the curve, this got us thinking: "How are we going to embrace this new Mobile Generation?" For starters, we modified this very blog page you are reading to make it accessible via mobile-internet. That's right, your favorite blog is now available anywhere, anytime right from your mobile device.


But, that's not all. It's one thing to make your Blog available via mobile internet; In the next several months, Spider will be looking to integrate mobile accessibility into our products. Meaning you would be able to access our Corporate Management Suite via any web-accessible PDA/phone.

We're just getting started on this, but we are extremely excited about the use of this technology and what it will mean for our customers. In the mean time, if you have any ideas or suggestions on mobile-web applications, we would love to hear them.