Miscellaneous 2.5 Enhancements

In the last update to the software, we added the ability to add tags to scorecard objects. In 2.5 you can now reference these tags in the report writer. Users can add a tag filter in reports to only return scorecard objects with a particular tag, and they can add the tag field to the reports they create.

Another great enhancement we've added is the ability to differentiate between unscored and gray metrics. Previously, metrics that didn't have a value for the current period were scored with a light gray color. This is the same color that was used for unscored metrics.

Now, any metric without a value is light gray. If the metric does have a value, it is dark gray if not scored, and colored if scored. This new dark gray color shows that the metric has been updated, but it is not scored.

In 2.5 we've also added a Show Sub-Metrics checkbox to the Scorecard Metrics subsection. When clicked, the report will now show all children metrics with their titles indented to show their order.

We think these enhancements (and the dozens more like them) make 2.5 one of our best releases ever. We hope you agree!