• Good Looking Graphs

    The graphs in CMS get the job done, but they're just not as attractive as they could be.

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  • New 5 Minute Tour

    I just posted a brand new five minute CMS tour to our products page. Just click on the video at the top of the screen to play.

  • Website Updates

    We've updated the website to show off our new CMS 2.0 software. The products section now has a screenshot tour of CMS as well as a brand new section for our ETL tool, Spider Connect. We've updated a bunch of other pages too, so hopefully all of the information you need will be even easier to find than before.

  • New Dojo Tree Functionality

    Dojo has just accepted code from Spider Strategies into the toolkit that allows dragging and dropping hierarchical data in a tree format "between" places in the structure!

    Dojo drag and drop between

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  • New Website Images

    I've updated the images on the top of each page on the site. I think things were getting a little cluttered before and this should clean a lot of that up.

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