• Great Places To Work

    As Scott mentioned last month, Spider Strategies received an honorable mention for great places to work in Washingtonian magazine. The article is now up on Washingtonian's website, and you can read about Spider Strategies here.

  • Simplifying the Weighting Issue

    Possibly one of the most useful aspects of the CMS software is the ability to assign weights to any scorecard node, at any level of the scorecard tree. For any node in this tree, any number of subordinate nodes can play a role in determining the score of their parent. This allows users to emphasize the importance of certain higher priority items over others. When you have two very important objectives, such as "Produce many widgets" and "Keep cost low", chances are that the default weight of "1" (setting each of their weights equally, so 50% for each) would work just fine.

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  • We're a "Great Place to Work"

    Washingtonian magazine's annual "Great Places to Work" issue hit newsstands today, and we got an honorable mention. I haven't seen the article yet, but as soon as I do I'll post a copy here. For now, check out the press release for all the details.

  • Share Reports Like Performance Charts

    I’ve spent the last couple weeks working on a new feature in CMS 1.6 that allows you to create, edit and save reports just like performance charts, documents and other items in the system. This feature can save a ton of time because now reports don’t have to be rewritten if a new user wants to see them or if the dates for the report change.

    In the past, the only way to save a copy of a report was to save it to your bookmarks. This worked great for the person who created the report, but it was impossible to share that report with other people on the team without recreating it for each user. Now you can create a report once, and it will be available to everyone on your team under the reports tab.

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  • New Options for Date Range Selection

    How often do you run a report for a periodic set of data? Most applications allow you to enter a fixed period of data with specific dates to report on. Some will let you say things like "show me the last month's data", but even those tend to save the results based on that fixed time span. We understand how frustrating it is to constantly update your settings for a report to get the results that matter today and have done something about it.

    Relative Reporting Dates

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