QuickScore & Scoreboard | Powerful Performance Management Solution

QuickScore & Scoreboard are now Spider Impact

We've merged QuickScore and Scoreboard together to create a powerful new performance management solution.

Scoreboard Plus QuickScore Equals Spider Impact

If you’re an existing customer, don’t worry. Spider Impact looks and feels the same as the software you’re used to. If you’re a new customer, congratulations. You’ve got access to the best of our previous software products.

Scoreboard and QuickScore were always the same under the hood, just customized for different markets. Scoreboard was aimed at organizations that track KPIs and had the ability to automatically build dashboards. QuickScore was aimed at the balanced scorecard market, and it had a strategy maps section.

With the release of Spider Impact, you no longer have to choose which methodology you prefer. Now all of our customers can automatically build dashboards, and everyone can turn on the strategy maps section.

We won’t be selling new licenses of QuickScore or Scoreboard now that Spider Impact is available. Spider Impact is a free upgrade for all existing hosted customers as well as self-hosted customers with active maintenance agreements.

Take a Test Drive

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