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Mastering Data Visualization

Take your Spider Impact skills to the next level by mastering our industry-leading data visualization capabilities. This training flow includes videos on building visually compelling and interactive dashboards, strategy maps, charts, reports, and geographic maps. Become an expert at transforming your data into intuitive, actionable insights.

Videos (6)

We recommend watching these videos in order, but feel free to skip over any topics you're already familiar with or that don't apply to you.

Creating Dashboards

Creating Dashboards

Build dashboards with the free-form canvas using chart, bubble, note, speedometer, image, and text widgets.

Creating Strategy Maps

Creating Strategy Maps

Quickly auto-generate and customize a strategy map in Spider Impact.

Creating Charts for KPI Software and BI

Creating Charts

Learn about how to create charts, including line, bar, pie, area, donut, and many more. Add analytic items like trend lines, forecasts, reference lines and bands, and stacks.

Create reports for full BI with strategy

Creating Reports

Create reports for scorecard items, initiatives, and datasets. Sort, apply formatting, group, aggregate, and more.

Creating data collection forms and sharing them outside of Spider Impact

Creating Geographic Maps

You can create geographic maps in the Charts section that visualize your geographic datasets data. They're fully interactive, allowing you to zoom in and out, filtering your data by region. You can even embed maps on dashboards.

Presenting Performance Data with Dashboards

Creating and Using Briefings

See the value of Briefings for presenting performance data and learn how to quickly create them.

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