Intro to Spider Impact - Tutorial Videos for New Users

Introduction to Spider Impact

Get up and running fast with this introductory training flow for Spider Impact. These videos walk you through core features like logging in, navigating the Home page, understanding colors and scoring, creating bookmarks, and setting alerts. Perfect for new users looking to get started on the right foot.

Videos (5)

We recommend watching these videos in order, but feel free to skip over any topics you're already familiar with or that don't apply to you.

Spider Impact Overview

Overview of Spider Impact 5.6

This is a full tour of Spider Impact 5.6, focusing on how different types of people use the software.

Logging into Spider Impact

Logging In & Home Section

Logging in, overall navigation, and the Home section - including Alerts, My Measures/KPIs, Measure/KPI Updates, and My Tasks.

Scoring and Colors

Scoring and Colors

Explains the normalized scoring system and associated colors employed by Spider Impact that provide intuitive visibility to business performance.

Creating Bookmarks in KPI Dashboards

Creating Bookmarks

Create bookmarks for yourself and other users in Spider Impact.

Setting and Managing Alerts

Setting and Managing Alerts

Learn about the types of alerts available in Spider Impact and how to manage them.

Experience Spider Impact for Free

Schedule a live demo or claim your free 30-day trial. We’re standing by to either show off Spider Impact or turn your data into a prototype for free.

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